October Baby

What People Are Saying

"POWERFUL! OUTSTANDING! I was not prepared for the impact this movie would have on me. October Baby is THE must-watch movie for all families in 2012."
Dr. Dennis Rainey, Host, FamilyLife Today

"OCTOBER BABY not only has a beautiful message, it is beautifully made. It is a must-see masterpiece film for life, so critically needed at this time in history."
Karen Garnett, Executive Director, Catholic Pro-Life Committee

"Powerful, emotionally charged and worthy of every accolade the film industry has to offer. OCTOBER BABY will change you ... just open your heart."
Judie Brown, President, American Life League Author, The Broken Path

"OCTOBER BABY is an entertainment-packed film with a positive message that promises to captivate and inspire. A must-see family movie for the entire family!"
Gary Bauer, American Values

"OCTOBER BABY is a heart-warming story of redemption that brings to the big screen how a seemingly small decision can powerfully affect many lives and relationships. See it—you'll be inspired!"
Peggy Hartshorn, President, Heartbeat International

"The sanctity of life has always been a calling for God's people. We are excited to see the impact OCTOBER BABY will have on our society as people are reminded in a powerful way that 'every life is beautiful.'"
Jason and David Benham, Founders, Cities4Life

"OCTOBER BABY is a powerful witness to the beauty and significance of every life!"
Dr. Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union

"I applaud the creators of OCTOBER BABY for their significant portrayal of the value of life—even in desperate circumstances. I encourage everyone to see this inspirational movie!"
Carl Landwehr, President, Vitae Foundation

"OCTOBER BABY will change and save lives. You don't want to miss it!"
Monica Cole, Director, OneMillionMoms.com

"Hannah's journey to find answers and embrace her identity leads her to hope, acceptance, and love—and leaves us celebrating life."
Bill Blacquiere, President, Bethany Christian Services

"OCTOBER BABY is a powerful story proving what we all know—that every life is indeed beautiful."
Melinda Delahoyde, President, Care Net

"OCTOBER BABY broke my heart, encouraged my soul and made evident in a fresh way the vital role and responsibility men have in preventing abortion, holding families together and raising children who know and experience love."
Joe White President, Kanakuk Kamps and Men at the Cross Founder, Kids Across America

"OCTOBER BABY is compelling and inspirational—it has the potential to change hearts and minds. … It will help people better understand the gift of life and the power of forgiveness."
Father Peter West, Vice President for Missions, Human Life International

"Incredibly compelling, with a great ending!"
Ted Baehr, Movieguide.org

"OCTOBER BABY is a riveting story about life and the value of every individual created at conception in the image of God."
Brian Simmons President, ACSI

"Finally! A faith-based film that is accessible for believers AND unbelievers that is compelling, artistic, and extremely well done! I loved how this movie was very much pro life, yet it didn't villainize any particular party. Everyone was broken and everyone needed a second chance. So true to life!"
Tauren Wells, lead singer for Royal Tailor

"OCTOBER BABY is a thought-provoking film that shows how a tragic decision can reverberate for decades—affecting the lives and futures of many individuals. It is a story that needs to be told and this film tells it in a wonderful way. Everyone should see it."
Jim Sedlak, Vice President, American Life League
Founder, STOPP International

"The message of forgiveness and redemption will inspire everyone who sees it."
Dr. Richard Land, President Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

"October Baby touches home and leaves imprints on your heart!"
Stacy Massey, Abortion Recovery InterNational

"Our world is full of abortion survivors, whether the procedure was attempted on them or not; thanks to OCTOBER BABY, we can begin to understand and minister to this massive wound among our youth. OCTOBER BABY is a major blessing to our movement!"
Father Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

"It's a powerful, riveting story of one girl's dramatic journey to uncover the secrets that have haunted her life since before she was born. OCTOBER BABY approaches one of the most polarizing issues of our time with a human face, a tender heart and unblinking candor."
Ron Hutchcraft,, speaker, author, radio host

"Words cannot express how moved I was by OCTOBER BABY. In today's society with so many kids growing up without purpose, this film captures the essence of the importance of every person's life. At this critical time in the life of our culture, I am calling every man, father, grandfather and father figure to see this magnificent film. You must see film!"
Carey Casey, CEO, National Center for Fathering

"Scene after scene, OCTOBER BABY unfolds a touching story of a unique journey that will leave you thinking for days. You'll want to see it!"
Bri Laycock, Director, OptionLine

"OCTOBER BABY is absolutely the best movie about the precious gift of life, the incredible pain of abortion, and the power of forgiveness. OCTOBER BABY will change your life. This is a must-see movie."
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel, Dean and Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law

"I am now an OCTOBER BABY activist."
Mark Hall, Casting Crowns

"A masterful production with impressive cinematography, OCTOBER BABY has the potential to significantly impact the culture of life in America."
Michael Farris, Founder and Chairman, Home School Legal Defense Association, Founder and Chancellor, Patrick Henry College

"A movie for my whole family."
Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America

"OCTOBER BABY is an incredible witness to the pro-life movement. Not only does it allow for healing and hope for those affected by abortion, it also sheds a positive and reaffirming light on adoption and portrays the adoption process as a positive alternative to the horrible injustice of abortion."
Kristan Hawkins; Executive Director, Students for Life of America

"A great film with a great message!"
Alex Kendrick, Courageous

"OCTOBER BABY is a must-see film: poignant, powerful, and packed with blessings."
Dr. Alveda C. King, Director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life

"What a remarkable movie. This is a significant story, beautifully told."
Charmaine Yoest, Americans United for Life

"OCTOBER BABY is a profoundly beautiful story and a powerful testament to the importance of every human life."
Marjorie Dannenfelser, Founder and President, Susan B. Anthony List

"OCTOBER BABY is the most gripping drama ever produced about the central civil rights issue of our time—the right to life. The script is superb, the acting is first-class, and the presentation is flawless. This is a must-see movie for all Americans."
Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

"I laughed so hard and cried so hard, and healed. Thank you."
Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor, National Speaker

"A wonderfully heart-touching film, OCTOBER BABY is a powerful reminder that there is purpose and meaning in every life."
Commissioner Nancy Roberts, National President for Women's Ministries, The Salvation Army

"An incredible story! Wow ... just wow."
Francesca Battitstelli, GMA Artist of the Year

"I laughed, I cried. OCTOBER BABY is a must-see movie for teens and adults. It is an incredible story. Please don't miss it."
Nancy Stith, Executive Director, Georgia Right to Life

"Every life IS beautiful and OCTOBER BABY honestly explores the reality of life, which isn't always pretty. As the mother of adopted children, this movie spoke to me personally. Go see it!"
Susan Merrill, iMom Director

"This is a touching movie with a story that needs to be told. I pray that OCTOBER BABY will heal hurting hearts and open the eyes of those with hardened hearts."
Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

"Like all well-crafted art, OCTOBER BABY powerfully stirs both the mind and the heart. The film explores some of life's most difficult questions with a grace, humor, and wisdom that build ultimately to a unforgettable affirmation of life."
Jedd Medefind, President, Christian Alliance for Orphans

"It might change your life."
The Dove Foundation