The Music of October Baby

One of the compelling elements of OCTOBER BABY are the incredible songs that help set the tone and mood of the movie. You can download the October Baby Motion Picture Soundtrack on iTunes now.

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  1. "Hesitate"—Steve Moakler
  2. "Oh My Stars"—Andrew Belle
  3. "Always on My Mind"—Mandi Mapes
  4. "All the Faint Lights"—Steve Moakler
  5. "Hold My Heart"—Tenth Avenue North
  6. "Life is Beautiful"—The Afters
  7. "My Oldest Friend"—Andrew Belle
  8. "Where You Are"—Mandi Mapes
  9. "Make It Without You"—Andrew Belle
  10. "Broken (Beautiful)"—Chris Sligh
  11. "Now More than Ever"—Brandon Heath
  12. "Ocean Floor"—Gianna Jessen
  13. "One"—Chris Sligh
  14. "When a Heart Breaks"—Ben Rector
  15. "Willow Tree"—Chris Sligh

October Baby Original Score

Original Score

A good musical score helps make a movie complete. You can go to iTunes and download the October Baby Original Score, composed by Paul Mills and enjoy the powerful music heard throughout the movie.

Download on iTunes

Watch the "Life Is Beautiful" Music Video from The Afters